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You will receive an email with further instructions along with a link to open your Premium access.

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Create your account with your logo, picture and details in a few clicks.


Start using the App with your custom templates and create as much as you want!

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One video, Several Growth Channels

Post on your Timeline
Earn visibility

Being able to quickly create videos is a game changer. Use this power to be as present as possible on social networks. Your next client is there!

Refine your discussions
Lift Conversion Rate

If you are using Facebook Marketplace, don't miss the opportunity to send a video to your lead as soon as he starts a conversation on Messenger.

Message your leads
Gain Trust

If Whatsapp is prevalent in your market, sending a video as soon as you have established contact with your client is a MUST. This is the best way to build trust.

Build on Content
Magnify SEO

Missing quality content on your site? Start integrating your videos to all your listings. Increase session duration by more than 300% and instantly get more enquiries.

Share Your Best Cars
Achieve Recognition

Growing an Instagram channel is a major tool in building a qualified audience that will help you stand out above the crowd (your competitors).

Share Valuable Videos
Get referenced

Take advantage of the biggest Search Engine in the world by publishing your listing videos on YT. While your stock turns over, existing videos continue generating leads.


We've got you covered!

Is the subscription contract-based?

No. We offer a contract-free subscription. Simply pay-as-you-go, monthly or yearly, and cancel anytime you want.

What’s the procedure to cancel my subscription?

Just write us to stop your subscription. As simple as that.

Can I use the App on my computer?

No you can’t. Momenzo is 100% mobile. You should be able to use it everywhere from your phone.

Can I share my videos to the classified platforms of my country?

Sure. The big car classifieds have now understood the importance of video. In some cases, your listing will even be highlighted in search results if your provide a video with it!

Can I go from monthly to yearly-subscription plan later on?

Yes you can. That will be a new billing cycle.

If I encounter a technical difficulty, can I get support?

A trouble free user-experience is our priority. Therefore, we offer human customer service instead of an AI. Also, you can visit our support page for video tutorials.

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